MEASURE A PARCEL TAX  Larkspur-Corte Madera School District Protecting Quality Education Measure. Exemption ($679) available to residents 65 and over. For application, call (415) 927-6960 ext. 3204 

Homeowners Exemption for your primary personal residence.  Information and application from Marin County Assessor's Office (415) 473-7215 or email:

P.G.& E. CARE program offers a monthly discount for income less than $39,580.  Call (866) 743-2273 

Central Marin Police Authority gives a property tax exemption.

Call (800) 676-7516 to see if you qualify.

Marin County Library Parcel Tax Exemption offers $49 + $36 for incomes less that $52,515.

Call (415) 473-6051 for application and information.    

MERA (Marin Emergency Radio Authority) offers $29 off property taxes for incomes less than $65,700.  You must submit your application by June 1st. You must file for the exemption for each year the parcel tax is in effect.

Call (800) 676-7516 for application and information.

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