Corte Madera Honors Town's Nonagenarians and Centenarians

Each year, the town of Corte Madera proudly and joyously honors our esteemed nonagenarians and centenarians in a heartfelt gathering at the community center. This cherished tradition celebrates the remarkable lives and enduring contributions of our oldest residents. Friends, family, and community members come together to pay tribute, sharing stories, laughter, and gratitude. The event is a testament to the town's deep respect for its elders, highlighting their wisdom, resilience, and the rich history they embody. We are honored and delighted to recognize these incredible individuals, celebrating their longevity and the vibrant legacy they continue to build within our community.

Maria West, Muriel Beasley, Anne Michelfelder, Doris Hall, Robert Riboli, Pauline Angleman, Maxine Cohen, Andy Vireno, Anna Fitch, Richard Kimelman, David & Harriet Hyams, Thomas Tachis, Lynne Silva, Neil Church,  Harry & Annette Schriebman, Robert Carleton.  Front Row:  Gloria Bartlett, Marty Glenn and Harry North.

Police Chief Michael Norton and Mayor Sloan Bailey offered their congratulations to Corte Madera's Nonagenarians and Centenarians

Family and Friends celebrate with Anna Fitch

Thomas Tachis with celebratory cake

Nonagenarian Gloria Bartlett is an honoree at the special event.

We'll be celebrating Pauline Angleman's 110th Birthday in October! .

Cydney Brent (5) serves cake to honoree, Richard Kimelman

Harry North and friend

Leslie Harlib entertains the guests with sounds and songs of times past

Honoring Nonagenarian, Maxinne Cohen and Centenarian, Andy Vireno