Introducing the Intergenerational Center 
Many residents voiced concern that Corte Madera  didn’t have quality programs for teens, few services for younger children and extremely limited programs for 25% of our town’s population – our seniors.

 Corte Madera’s Intergenerational Center will have the classroom space to provide innovative, enrichment programs for all ages. The Intergenerational Center programs will create part-time job opportunities, paid or volunteer, for those with special interests who may like to teach a certain skill or simply volunteer. Teens will have a place to hang out and so will the seniors; there will be a robust variety of programs for all. The Intergenerational Center – the IGC – will provide opportunities for the young and the older adult to interact, building relationships among all ages, enriching our lives and preventing social isolation.

Our goal is to have the IGC up and running in mid-April. Stay tuned for a schedule of the variety of programs that will be offered at opening, with expanded programming yet to come.